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Required Documents

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In this section, you will see all the clinical documents that the client will need to receive the therapy.

The agency will define the list of documents that are required; here are a few examples: Medical Necessity Letter, CDE, Intake Form, Medical Referral, BIP, and so on.


Each document might have an Issued Date and Expiration date. This is not required for all of them. But if required the platform will closely monitor how close we are to the expiration date. You will be able to see how much time remains until it expires.

An expiring or expired document will trigger an email notification once per week to all Providers associated with the client, this will also show the expiring/expired document in the user’s notifications.


You can also review the status and take the necessary corrective actions. The statuses are Missing, Delivered, Ignored, and Pending. Only administrators will have access to change the status as well as attach files to the required document.