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Previously, getting in touch with support was only available in its most basic forms: calling a phone number for assistance or physically going to the company’s shop. Today, we are in an age where raising concerns is at our very fingertips. 

Support is a way for customers to get help either through instant messaging platforms, email or toll-free telephone services. Integrated support applications allow agents or administrators to respond to text chats from the many customers using the website. It allows a company to engage visitors to the system, both reactively and proactively, with the anticipation of increased interactivity and trust with website visitors.

Our support team is just as important as the other teams, because they are one of the direct connections between users and our system. We strive to deliver first-class customer service, which means combining some of our main qualities: quick resolutions, helpful and empathetic agents, and commitment to the issues that matter to our clients.

You can reach us through your preferred channels: live chat from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.