Course Completion – The End? Quiz

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  1. On Clients’ section, you will see the list of all the clients associated with the user.1

  2. In the Agency’s Documents section, you will see in a tabular view all the documents for the entire Agency.1

  3. On Client’s Required documents you will see all the clinical documents for client.1

  4. Which of the following categories can be added to the service plan:4

  5. To reset your password, you need to navigate to your agency’s login screen and click on the “Can’t log in” label at the bottom of the form.1

  6. The Account Profile subsection details all the agency’s personal information.1

  7. Which alerts can you see?3

  8. Announcements’ section contains the list of all the announcements sent by the platform to the providers.1

  9. You can view the Invoices organized by:4

  10. On Dashboard, these are the shortcuts you’ve access to:5

  11. Files is for uploading digital files to the agency.1

  12. You can add comments to every datasheet.1

  13. What are the available statuses for Appointment notes:4

  14. On the Agency’s Clients, you will see the list of all the clients available for the agency.1

  15. What is the default status for all Documents?2

  16. Which information is required for each Prior Authorization?1

  17. In the Location subsection, you can configure and modify:4

  18. The allowed File types are:5

  19. How many views are available in the Calendar for the users and clients?1

  20. Typically, the Behaviors are collected in Frequency and charted in Total.1

  21. Which items are shown in the Top bar?3

  22. All unanswered conversations received are automatically converted into tickets.1

  23. You can review our Blog by reaching

  24. In Datasheets, the initials of the person won’t appear automatically at the end of the day.1

  25. You can filter clients by:4

  26. Within the Events subsection, you can configure:4

  27. When adding a new claim, in the Configuration tab,5

    You will find the several boxes:

  28. You can reset your password, by accessing, typing your email, clicking on Continue and choosing Reset password.1

  29. To add Banners, we recommend that the size be:1

  30. What are the available statuses for the documents?4

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