Course Completion – The End? Quiz

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  1. Which user roles can mark the documents as Reviewed?2

  2. What are the filters that can be applied for the search on Client’s Documents?4

  3. Please fill the blank1

    On User's Calendar, the default view for desktop is .

  4. Fill the gap:1

    On Files, the maximum file size to upload is MB.

  5. In the Agency’s Documents section, you will see in a tabular view all the documents for the entire Agency.1

  6. Each document need to have an Issued Date and Expiration date.1

  7. In Agency’s Invoices section, you will find the agency’s invoices.1

  8. On Credentials subsection, you can view and modify the assigned credentials.1

  9. Through Chat, you can reach us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.1

  10. Which days can you contact us through Chat?5

  11. Which alerts can you see?3

  12. The agency dashboard is a collection of shortcuts that allow you to access different sections.1

  13. Which of the following categories can be added to the service plan:4

  14. Who can create events on Calendar?1

  15. On Clients’ section, you will see the list of all the clients associated with the user.1

  16. In Agency’s Clients, you will see the list of all the clients available for the agency.1

  17. You can filter clients by:4

  18. In both the Clinical Documents and Human Resources Documents subsection, you can set the default status, position, and description.1

  19. On Summary tab:1

    You can switch between Personal and Professional by clicking on each individual tab.

  20. Select which fields can be displayed in Users Activity section:6

  21. Which of these options are valid for Administrators?3

  22. In Payroll section, you will be able to create and find the invoices for every client in the agency.1

  23. Charts provide immediate access to the behavioral log.1

  24. On Agency’s Required documents you will see all the human resources required documents by the agency.1

  25. On-Site Data Collection allows providers to collect data while in the field with their clients in real-time.1

  26. The Report alerts are Success, Warning and Error.1

  27. What is the default status for all Documents?2

  28. Which information is required for each Prior Authorization?1

  29. When adding a new claim, in the Configuration tab,5

    You will find the several boxes:

  30. On Reports, which filters can you use?3

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