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Configuration Quiz

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  1. In the Location subsection, you can configure and modify:4

  2. In both the Clinical Documents and Human Resources Documents subsection, you can set the default status, position, and description.1

  3. In the Services subsection, when a new one is added or an existing one is modified:1

    you must add the Allowed Credentials and Billing Codes.

  4. To add Banners, we recommend that the size be:1

  5. To add insurance to the agency, you must first add it in Payers.1

  6. Within the Template Documents subsection, you can configure:4

  7. In the Credentials subsection, when adding or modifying one of them, you must type:4

  8. Within the Events subsection, you can configure:4

  9. The Account Profile subsection details all the agency’s personal information.1