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Course Completion – Is the End for now? Quiz

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  1. To log out of your account or switch accounts:2

  2. In Billing Claims section, you will be able to create and find the claims for every client in the agency.1

  3. Which of the following categories can be added to the service plan:4

  4. Which days can you contact us through Chat?5

  5. In the User section, it is displayed a list of the providers linked to the client.1

  6. How many service plans of the same type can be created on the platform?1

  7. In the Credentials subsection, when adding or modifying one of them, you must type:4

  8. When creating a new invoice, in the General tab, you must select:5

  9. Select the categories displayed in Agency’s Expiring Documents:4

  10. Through Chat, you can reach us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.1

  11. Which of the following actions can be executed from the ” Bulk Actions” button:4

  12. On Credentials subsection, you can view and modify the assigned credentials.1

  13. Depending on your role in the Agency (user or administrator) you will see a list of all your accesses.1

  14. To add Banners, we recommend that the size be:1

  15. The Account Profile subsection details all the agency’s personal information.1

  16. Which Status will prevent the document from being modified?2

  17. You can filter clients by:4

  18. Which items are shown in the Top bar?3

  19. What are the filters that can be applied for the search on Client’s Documents?4

  20. In Users Activity section, you can see the latest activity of your users.1

  21. What are the available statuses for the documents?4

  22. Fill in the blank space1

    On Files section, you can change the view according to Date, , or Size.

  23. You will be able to see the invoice number, amount, and status.1

  24. On Clients’ section, you will see the list of all the clients associated with the user.1

  25. Which alerts can you see?3

  26. Fill the gap:1

    On Files, the maximum file size to upload is MB.

  27. On Address tab:1

    You can add a new address, by simply click the New address button.

  28. Which are the sections on the User’s dashboard:3

  29. In Agency’s Clients, you will see the list of all the clients available for the agency.1

  30. Which of these datasets can you add to Charts on the Service Plan:5