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Course Completion – Is the End for now? Quiz

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  1. What kind of notifications can you receive?4

  2. On Credentials subsection, you can view and modify the assigned credentials.1

  3. Within the Events subsection, you can configure:4

  4. Each document need to have an Issued Date and Expiration date.1

  5. How many views are available in the Calendar for the users and clients?1

  6. On Expiring documents, you can send an SMS to the provider in the four categories.1

  7. On Caregivers tab:1

    Caregivers could also be Family members, Legal guardians, Teachers.

  8. In Agency’s Invoices section, you will find the agency’s invoices.1

  9. Depending on your role in the Agency (user or administrator) you will see a list of all your accesses.1

  10. Which alerts can you see?3

  11. Fill in the blank space1

    On Files section, you can change the view according to Date, , or Size.

  12. On Client’s Required documents you will see all the clinical documents for client.1

  13. An expiring or expired document will trigger an email notification once per week and will show the expiring/expired document in the user’s notifications.1

  14. Which options are part of the icon drop-down menu?1

  15. In both the Clinical Documents and Human Resources Documents subsection, you can set the default status, position, and description.1

  16. On Clients, you can add/remove access to the user.1

  17. Fill the gap:1

    You can use Announcements to communicate effectively with your users by sending mass announcements.

  18. Is there a mobile version of the platform?1

  19. Typically, the Behaviors are collected in Frequency and charted in Total.1

  20. Which events can you see on the User’s Calendar?1

  21. Select which fields can be displayed in Users Activity section:6

  22. Which Status will prevent the document from being modified?2

  23. Fill the Gap:1

    The email address for our support ticket system is .

  24. In Agency’s Clients, you will see the list of all the clients available for the agency.1

  25. All unanswered conversations received are automatically converted into tickets.1

  26. To add insurance to the agency, you must first add it in Payers.1

  27. On Client Documents, select the search filters:1

  28. You can reset your password, by accessing app.officepuzzle.com, typing your email, clicking on Continue and choosing Reset password.1

  29. Announcements’ section contains the list of all the announcements sent by the platform to the providers.1

  30. On Clients’ section, you will see the list of all the clients associated with the user.1