Getting ready for Office Puzzle

Ready to join the ranks of Office Puzzle professionals? Our Academy is here for you!

We have designed this comprehensive course specifically so that every step prepares you with confidence in our system.

And don’t forget, because we are constantly improving and updating our software, your education will always be up-to-date as well – giving you the best edge possible; so don’t forget that feedback on how we can improve any updates of ours are always welcome!

Every lesson brings you one step closer towards becoming a true master in using Office Puzzle – So let’s crack this puzzle together!

PD: This Course will display lessons with some sections that are only available to providers at Level 2 or above. If you are a level 1 provider and would like to familiarize yourself with those sublessons, that’s totally fine. A superscript (2) or an asterisk (*) designates these lessons.